Iron Curtain Trail

A narrow road rolls along a deep rocky river gorge. It is the only connection of the border villages with the rest of the country. Some time ago the villagers lived in constant fear caused by the propaganda for eventual attack by the neighboring country. It was decided that this beautiful river may be sacrificed for security reasons. The rocks have been loaded with dynamite which explosion would be triggered in case of emergency and stop the invasion of the enemy.

This is neither a fiction, nor a story from ancient times. This place still exists at the frontier and holds the stories of the many who tried to escape outside the Iron Curtain in hope of a new life.

Today nobody fears the enemy. The picturesque gorge is still there and the road along the river leads to the iron remains of the Cold war. Protected areas have been declared thus confirming that the former restricted zone turned out to be a refuge for the wild nature. The isolation has preserved the purity of the border regions which we invite you to visit with a bicycle.