Title of the project: Development of Long-term Strategy and Networks for Promotion and Implementation of the Iron Curtain Trail in its Balkan Section
Acronym: StrategIC

Project duration: 12 months (jan-dec 2011)

Short description of project:
The project will focus on the Southern section of the ICT route covering approximately 1700 km between Romania and Serbia and along the Bulgarian border with Serbia, FYROM, Greece and Turkey to the Black Sea. A comprehensive feasibility study and action plan for future ICT development with a portfolio of projects will be elaborated for the sections along the Bulgarian border (1200 km). For the Romanian-Serbian section of the route (500 km) initial analysis and a network of collaborators will be developed.

The project consists of 5 action modules. In the module Development of Stakeholders Network at Local, Regional and Cross-border level along the ICT route, a network of collaborators along the route will be developed and steering groups set up to work on the route. After that a feasibility study will be conducted covering ICT infrastructure, tourism potential, economic and legal analysis and funding opportunities analysis. Based on the feasibility study a comprehensive Action Plan and Project Portfolio will be elaborated with the participation of all relevant stakeholders through six regional workshops and steering groups meetings.
A promotional campaign with development of a manual and brochure, presentation at national and international fairs, promotional event and press-conference will promote and raise awareness on the route. Proposals for legislative amendments to support cycling tourism development will also be elaborated.

The main objective of the project is to set up a framework for the elaboration and implementation of the ICT (EuroVelo route 13) from the Romanian-Serbian border to the Black Sea.

The specific objectives are:
1. To create a viable network of stakeholders along the Iron Curtain Trail in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, FYROM and Turkey for the elaboration of EuroVelo route 13.
2. To define the backbone of the Southern section of ICT and develop a long term strategy and action plan for its implementation, promotion and use as a basis for alternative tourism at local cross-border level.
3. To promote and raise awareness on ICT and create conditions for inclusion of ICT development as a priority in future planning documents and funding programs as well as introduction of EuroVelo standards.
4. To elaborate practical guidelines for ICT route development through future projects.

Lead partner/coordinator: Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (Bulgaria)
Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism (Bulgaria)
Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (Bulgaria)
Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation (Bulgaria)
Municipality of Thassos (Greece)
Assciation Bike Attack Resita (Romania)

kaloyanov at baatbg dot org