Feasibility Study Report

This document is meant to help project teams, researchers and experts dealing with the development of the Iron Curtain Trail in the Balkan peninsula between Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, FYROM, Greece and Turkey. The document gives research data, findings and conclusions on the feasibility of the ICT according to the standards of the Euro Velo network, as this trail is planned to be part of the European network of cycling trails and bear the number 13. The Feasibility Study summarises the applicability of these criteria to the current situation regarding terrain, infrastructire, economical, social and political conditions. Here the authors have identified and recommended the backbone of the physical route along with interesting side-routes with historical heritage from the Iron Curtain.

According to the project the study investigates and provides analysis and information for the following Feasibility Study and short-term ICT Action Plan components:

ICT infrastructure (incl. cross-border points) and its compatibility with Euro Velo route standards

  • Tourism potential – facilities, service providers, attraction sites (incl. natural, cultural and historical heritage, incl. Iron Curtain remains)
  • Economic assessment
  • Legal feasibility
  • Funding options, EC and other existing financial mechanism for its implementation, etc.
  • ICT Short-term Action Plan: Implementation Stages and Timing

The Feasibility Study is part of the project “StrategIC: Development of Long-term Strategy and Networks for Promotion and Implementation of the Iron Curtain Trail in its Balkan Section”, co-financed by the European Commission.

Download full PDF version in English here.